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Hi! Welcome to my blog, Adios Candida!

I’m not a doctor, but simply a girl who battled chronic health issues, found a way to regain her health, and wants to help you do the same.

Years of doctors appointments, band-aid treatments that never truly got to the root of the issue, and zero real answers led me on a path to find my own solutions. What I learned changed my life. I remember feeling so lost, so alone, and full of shame. My health issues were clouded with stigma, and I felt like I had no one to talk to. I spent hours and hours on the internet looking for answers, grasping to find someone – anyone – who had experienced something similar.

I want to be that person for you. 

Learn more about me and how I got here by checking out My Story, and please give a follow on Instagram or Pinterest to get recipes, support and more. I’m here to help – you aren’t alone! Don’t see what you’re looking for? Want someone to chat one-on-one? Please Contact me!