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Hi, I’m Shannon!

When I started my website for Adios Candida over 3 years ago, it was a space for me to connect with others and share my personal experiences and info about candida. Simply put, it was really just a blog. Since becoming certified as Health Coach and building my coaching practice over the last year, something has felt out of alignment for me with regards to my branding and website. It felt like time for a change. I’ve been working with my team on a fresh look and focus for the website, and I couldn’t be more excited to show you! 

My Services


1:1 Holistic Health Coaching

For the client who wants targeted, holistic lifestyle management support & accountability.
Ready to beat the bloat? Stop the endless cycle of yeast infections? Balance your blood sugar so you stop feeling energy crashes? Clear up your skin? Establish new healthy routines to support your health goals? If you’re not sure where to start, my 1:1 coaching meets you where you are, and I work closely with you to craft a program that targets your specific needs and helps you work toward reaching your goals.


Gut Health Group Coaching Circle

Ready to show your gut some love? Are you wanting to establish some healthier habits but don’t know where to start? Looking for more answers about gut health, nutrition, and other lifestyle techniques to help support your health issues? Craving community and connection with others who understand where you’re coming from? Look no further. This group will dig in deep together — discussing all things related to gut health, wellness, nutrition, stress management, meal planning, goal-setting, healthy habit-forming and more. 


“Shannon has helped me understand what I need to keep up with healing my body, what to do in stressful situations, and how to prioritize myself in my life. She helped explain the Candida Diet and made shopping/cooking for it way easier than doing it alone. My original problem of Candida and yeast feels so much better, and she is now helping me figure out my hormones and how to balance my cycle. Loved it! She is also so sweet.
– Nicole L

“My experience with Shannon in the group a for the 6 weeks that we did together was awesome for me. I didn’t know what to expect doing this as it was my 1st time having a health coach help me out with anything in my life. She made it very easy to open up and made it very comfortable to be vulnerable and let my guard down when it came to things that I was dealing with, maybe emotionally, that caused my physical health not to be 100% where it needed to be. She has a very genuine and caring energy about her, and is so open to listening and giving advice and making it very easy to understand when it comes to gut and vaginal health and how they connect. With just implementing some of the things that she recommended, I was able to not have a flare up like I did before I did the 6 weeks with her. I felt I had more confidence in myself, more comfortable in my body and the frustration level that I had going into the program, completely went away. I feel very grateful for the time we had together and the ladies who were part of the group. THANK YOU!!”
– Tanya A.

“I wouldn’t be where I am today without Shannon’s support these last 6 months. Before this program I felt lost. I didn’t know how to go about caring for the symptoms I was experiencing. After connecting with Shannon on Instagram I knew right away she was a good fit. I have tried to start a Candida diet so many times and lost hope as I told myself “I can’t do this. I’m too picky for a Candida diet.” Shannon taught me to focus on the ‘Why’ whenever I felt like giving up and this has truly helped me!! She is a great health coach and I appreciate everything she does!”
– Jacquelyn H.

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