Partnership Opportunities

Blogging/Social Media Opportunities:

Do you also have a health-related blog or Instagram and want to collaborate? I’d love to talk!

Some things I can offer:

  • Shoutouts on Social Media (stories/content)
  • Sharing your exciting news and/or giveaways with my audience
  • Writing a guest blog post on your site
  • Featuring your guest post on my blog
  • Partnering with you on giveaways, etc.

Let’s talk connect! Hit me up at

Brand Partnerships:

I’m passionate about sharing products with others that are in line with my personal brand and values, or that have helped and/or inspired me along my own health journey.

I started @Adios_Candida when I began my candida journey in July of 2017 and since have amassed over 8.5k followers. I continue to grow this following through being open and vulnerable with my audience. I share my experiences and posting relevant, beautiful and helpful content related to holistic health, gut health, pregnancy/postpartum and more. My followers are engagedeager to find their own support and most importantly, are passionate about taking control of their health. 

My Pinterest page has also been a key way to connect with my audience, with over 60k monthly viewers.

What I can offer:

  • Blog coverage
  • Social media coverage (Instagram, Pinterest)
  • Photo/video content
  • Sponsored posts (Blog, Instagram, Pinterest)
  • Instagram takeovers (Including Stories)

Some other ways we can work together:

  • Brand ambassadorships
  • Contests/giveaways
  • Product reviews
  • Reviews on other websites
  • Restaurant reviews
  • Press trips/travel
  • Conference travel, coverage & reviews
  • Affiliate Programs

Let’s Talk!

Check out my media kit. Want to discuss a potential partnership, project or idea? Contact me by email at With a background of working in PR and Marketing for years, I bring a lot to the table as a potential partner.

Marketing & Communication Needs:

In addition to blogging and running a growing instagram account, I’m a qualified PR, communications and fundraising professional with over 10 years of experience. I’m always happy to work with businesses or nonprofits on their communications or fundraising needs, whether it’s copy editing, writing (press releases, grants, etc.) marketing, social media consulting, or public relations work. To discuss communications work, email me here.