Adios Candida’s 2020 Gift Guide

Gifts for gut health, clean beauty, matcha lovers, gal pals, new mamas and more


It’s that time of year again….here are some of my favorite gifts to give (or add to your own wish list) this year.

Heads up: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. If you follow the links and make a purchase on those, I receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. There’s no obligation to purchase anything through my links, though it’s always appreciated. Thank you for supporting me, my small business & my family this holiday season! 

P.S. – Beautycounter is having a 15% off sale now through 11/29/20 – some of my favorite products are mentioned below.


Stocking Stuffers (gifts under $50)

  • Cured Nutrition CBD – I’m loving “Zen” and “Aura” these days
  • Bright jellies – love these as gifts for girlfriends or the little girls in your life who are starting to enjoy makeup. Like the old lip smackers but much less toxic. (only $6.63 each jelly with the current sale!)
  • Good Sense Hand Cream Trio Amazing hand cream that comes in 3 different scents. Break the set up to make multiple gifts for only $9.63 each.
  • Glass water bottle – perfect to keep hydrated this season (clear water bottles are a great trick to use to help you remember to drink when you see the water level going down – plus they’re nontoxic & safer than plastic!)
  • The Think Clean Kit – perfect for keeping you safe this winter during another COVID spike. This cute pouch includes hand sanitizer, a touch-free key, plus hand wash and hand cream both in citrus mimosa (the best). Also comes in a 3 pack if you want to gift to a few people in your life (perfect for office staff/client gifts, too!


Gifts for your girlfriends

  • Softening hand duo – Who would have thought that my favorite holiday product from beautycounter would be hand soap & lotion? Not me. But here we are. I mean, have you ever washed your hands more than you did this year?? I am so in love w/ this set that I just bought some more for myself and as gifts for a couple friends. This soap + lotion combo is LUXURIOUS AF. (Plus, get in on that 15% off deal)
  • Woman Code by Alisa Vitti – this book is the female hormone BIBLE! I recommend this book to all my girlfriends and clients who want to understand more about their bodies, cycles and hormones. Anyone struggling with monthly yeast infections, fertility issues, hormone imbalance, intense PMS, or cravings will benefit…really I believe that anyone in a female body should read this book!
  • Countertime Radiant Skin Set – Make your girlfriends feel like radiant queens with this amazing gift set. The Countertime Tripeptide Radiance Serum increases the skin’s firmness and elasticity, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Massage it in with the “Turn Back Time” facial roller to feel extra fancy (I kid, it actually makes the serum work better!)
  • Ultimate Renew Bath Set – this soft skin trip helps to crate a luxurious at-home spa moment – perfect for any loved one on your list who you want to pamper.
  • Amber & Moss scented candle from PF Candle co. – How often do you buy yourself candles to enjoy in the bath or while meditating? Probably not often enough. I’m willing to bet your friends would say the same. Treat your favorite gal pals to these incredible, safe scented candles. Most scented candles use phthalates, which cause all kinds of health issues. This brand is non-toxic & they all smell AMAZING!


Gifts for gut healing

  • Candida Diet Survival Guide – my guide to ALL THINGS candida diet. Learn about why diet is often such an important part of healing, plus enjoy recipes, info on lifestyle shifts to support healing, and support around the most common issues people face on a candida diet.
  • Holiday Gut Health Guide – my holiday guide with tips around holiday cooking so you don’t end up bloated and frustrated. Includes ingredients and recipe swaps to support your gut health even during this season.
  • Robyn Youkilis’ Go with your Gut – One of my favorite gut health books. Robyn’s books contain a wealth of knowledge to get you moving on your gut healing journey.
  • My favorite digestive enzymes. These are my secret weapon against bloat. I keep them handy when I’m eating a meal I know my body doesn’t digest as well. These were huge for me in healing my gut and continue to be a part of my everyday routine.
  • A strong digestive system really just means a strong immune system. I’ve been using Immugen for years to strengthen my immune system. Use it anytime you feel a cold coming on, or daily during cold season.
  • One of my favorite probiotics for killing candida.


Gifts for the new mom in your life

  • All Bright C Serum – Perfect for the mama who may have experienced melasma in pregnancy or early postpartum days. This product is magic in a bottle and helps with lightening & brightening skin tone and fighting against environmental stressors. It’s one of my must have daily products!
  • Instacart Express Membership – Being home with a toddler during this pandemic meant that I couldn’t always get to the grocery store when I wanted to. Instacart has been a lifesaver. From diaper delivery from target, to groceries from sprouts, it’s my go-to grocery app. Express members get free delivery on orders over $15, no surge pricing, and other perks. This link gets you $10 off your first order.
  • Thrive Market Membership – get 25% off first order with this link. Love this service for healthy snacks & pantry staples. Helpful for the new mom who is stuck at home but wants to eat healthy & delicious food.
  • Imperfect Produce – get $10 off the first order with this link. Hands down my favorite organic produce delivery service, and now they have SO MUCH MORE than produce – meat, poultry, dairy, eggs, lots of vegan/gf options, pasta, rice, soups, condiments, etc. We look forward to this delivery every week. It’s been so key during COVID, too.
  • Counter+ Eye Revive Cooling Mask – As a mom of a toddler I can personally attest to the need for these eye masks after lots of sleepless nights. And these are no joke – Perfect for a little pick me up without the price of a facial.
  • Skin Twin Creamy Concealer – Obsessed with this new creamy concealer. It comes in so many shades & is great for combatting under-eye bags or hiding those pesky “maskne” bumps!


Beauty sets you can split up to make multiple gifts

  • Beyond gloss Trio – This lip gloss is my favorite – not sticky, fun colors, nontoxic/safe products, and has a nice smell too. And special for the holidays, you can get this fun trio full of fun wintery colors. I maaaaay have kept all 3 for myself, but you could also break it up to gift to 3 friends (or keep one for yourself too!)
  • Clean Deo Mini Set – Beautycounter’s new clean deodorant is finally out for the public to try! As a consultant, I’ve been using it since August and I’m really pleased with them. This mini set is great for travel, for trying out the different scents, or for gifting to loved ones who you know care about using clean, safe products.
  • Luminous Lids Cream Shadows – Ok, I’m a total creamy eye shadow convert. These great wintery shades make it even more fun!
  • Pssst… don’t forget the jellies & hand cream trio mentioned above, too.


Gifts for the matcha lover in your life

  • Heated Milk Frother – with COVID stay at home orders picking up again all over, skip the coffee shop & make your own BOMB Matcha latte with this amazing headed frother. It’s been a gamechanger in my house.
  • Wireless Blender – LOVED using this while traveling this summer in our RV. Make matchas anywhere on the road without needing special tools, etc. Just throw it all into this handy travel (wireless!) blender, and enjoy your matcha latte in seconds.
  • Aiya Matcha – my favorite matcha brand, making the list 2 years in a row. I seriously love this brand for both the taste and the effect it has on me when I drink it — I feel alert, yet calm and focused.
  • Ashwaghanda – My favorite adaptogen to include in my matcha lattes. Ashwaghanda helps your body better handle stressors.
  • Vital Proteins collagen peptides – collagen is super helpful in supporting your gut lining. I sneak a scoop of this into my matcha lattes or smoothies everyday!


Gifts for the home

  • Branch Basics – Ready to make the switch to safer products but not sure where to start? Start HERE. These are my favorite nontoxic cleaning products. All plant based & super easy to use. You better believe that I’m getting this as gifts for some family & friends this year. Get your own starter kit for 10% off through 11/30 by using this link and the code “Adios.”
  • The Always Pan by Our Place – I’ll admit, I don’t actually own this, but it’s at the TOP of my own wish list this year. Investing in nice, non-toxic cookware is a gamechanger for your gut health. More info on that here.
  • Instantpot Duo Crisp Pressure Cooker with Air Fryer – while I’ll admit you need to have the counter or cabinet space to hold this one, it is WORTH IT. I got one of these on the last Amazon Prime Day, and I’ve been loving it. Rice cooked perfectly in 8 minutes! Make crispy fried Brussel sprouts or cauliflower that are better (and healthier) than restaurant food. It’s amazing how much this one machine can do. A must for anyone who loves cooking, or who doesn’t have a lot of time.



  1. megan

    wow id love to recieve any of these gifts they are all sooo useful!

  2. Treena

    I was so relieved to find your blog! I just found out I have Candida and I’m clueless where to start but in need of help! Your blog is great cause I can find tips, recipes and clean gifts!


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